Writing made simple for fiction writers.

Never get stuck again! Storybot's new GPT-4 powered AI writing assistant gets you through hurdles and blocks by sparking new ideas, filling in details and even generating text that you can use in your stories!

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Everything you need to write your next masterpiece.

Storybot.ai takes you from idea to finished product and everything in between.

Keep all your stories and ideas in one place, so you can easily find and work on them later.

Create and develop new and intriguing characters for your story. Storybot.ai can even create new characters for you!

Simplify the writing process.

Make writing your story a breeze, with all the tools you need, right at your fingertips.


Storybot helps you get started, even if you don't know where to start.

Our premise generator tool can help you create a story premise from just a sentence or two. You can use the premise verbatim or as inspiration for your own story ideas.


Work on your story one chapter or section at a time.

Each project is broken up into bite-sized pieces where you can work on your storyline, characters and chapters one step at a time.


Write your story without breaking stride.

Our helpful tools are always accessible using keyboard shortcuts, so you can stay in your creative flow without jumping around to different pages or tabs.

Start your masterpiece

Get into the flow and blast through to the finish line! Storybot's writing tools will help you start—and most importantly—help you finish your next story.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our support team and we'll get you the information you need.

    • What is storybot.ai?

      storybot.ai is an AI (Artifical Intelligence) writing assistant and story organizer for fiction writers. It uses AI to help you come up with ideas for stories, develop plots and characters, and can even continue your story if you need to push through a block.

    • Is storybot.ai just a word processor?

      No, storybot.ai is much more than a word processor! In addition to providing an editor and tools to organize your story, storybot.ai integrates a GPT AI writing assistant (GPT-3, ChatGPT & GPT-4) that will spark new ideas, brainstorm and continue writing your story if you need to work through writer's block.

    • How does storybot.ai work?

      storybot.ai uses state-of-the-art GPT-4 AI technology to brainstorm ideas, generate story premises, new characters & scenes, write detailed decriptions, invent new things and even will even continue your story for you, following your style. The storybot.ai writer has also been fine tuned to generate superior results over the stock GPT-3 (and even GPT-4) AI model for writing fiction.

    • How much does storybot.ai cost?

      Our pricing is different than most. We understand that as a writer, you may not write a consistent amount from month to month. Because of this, we charge a low monthly or annual platform fee that includes a limited number of AI-generated words per month (or year). If you need more AI-generated words, your can purchase 10,000, 25,000 or 100,000 word Word Packs as you need them. All the words you purchase never expire.

    • Do you charge me for the words that I write?

      No, we do not charge you for words that you write, only the words that the AI model writes. If you never or rarely use the AI features, you would only pay the low monthly or annual platform fee.

    • Can I try storybot.ai before I buy it?

      Yes, we offer a free 7 day trial that includes 10,000 AI-generated words.

    • What happens when my free trial expires?

      After your free 7 day trial, your paid subscription will automatically begin and your credit card will be billed for the plan that you selected. If you do not wish to continue your subscription after yout trial, you can easily cancel your account online at any time before the 7 days is up.

    • I have a great idea for a new feature! How can I submit it to the storybot.ai team?

      We are always looking to improve storybot.ai based on user feedback. We would love to hear from you! You can contact us here.

    • I'm having trouble with storybot.ai. Who can I contact for support?

      Please feel free to contact us any time here.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Low monthly or annual platform fee. Buy Word Packs for AI-generated words only as you need them.

Words never expire!


Lowest platform tier to get you writing quickly.


  • Includes 2,500 AI words/mo.
  • Fine-tuned GPT-3 models
  • GPT-3, ChatGPT & GPT-4
  • All tools & features
7 day free trial

Avid writer

Tier with extra discounted AI-generated words every month


  • Includes 10,000 AI words/mo.
  • Fine-tuned GPT-3 models
  • GPT-3, ChatGPT & GPT-4
  • All tools & features
7 day free trial

Pro writer

For prolific writers who need more AI-generated words.


  • Includes 60,000 AI words/mo.
  • Fine-tuned GPT-3 models
  • GPT-3, ChatGPT & GPT-4
  • All tools & features
7 day free trial

WordPack Pricing

Extra Words Only When You Need Them

No need to pay extra every month. Just add more words if/when you need them.

10,000 Words

Best for short stories


What's included

  • 10,000 words
  • $1 per 1k words
  • Words never expire

25,000 Words

Extra words for serious writers


What's included

  • 25,000 words
  • 92¢ per 1k words
  • Words never expire

100,000 Words

Extra words for prolific writers


What's included

  • 100,000 words
  • 85¢ per 1k words
  • Words never expire

250,000 Words

Best value for the pro writer


What's included

  • 250,000 words
  • 79.6¢ per 1k words
  • Words never expire
Word Packs cover words that the AI models generate at your request. You never get charged for words you write yourself.